Kim van Veelen

In Juxta we enter a mythic world with ancient gods and antique landscapes combined with a dystopian view on the consumer lifecycle. Here, the gods rule and ritual is more important than science. By means of drawing and sculpture Kim tries to explore this world of mystery and wonder. During Sketchival you will see the world of Juxta miniaturized together with the newest drawings and a reading from the novel “Juxta: A fairytale of modern society”.

Kim van Veelen (1988) studied Fine Art at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU and graduated in 2010 with honours. Kim likes to bring his art low-key to the public. Juxta is his first expression of art in book form. After making this ‘graphic novel,’ Kim kept the habit of drawing daily the story.

Juxta is tot ongeveer 18.00 uur op Sketchtival te zien!